Makarem & Associates has been featured extensively in national and regional news media sources for their cases and trials.

Advocate Magazine August 2018

Mediation Confidentiality and Legal Malpractice Matters
Advocate – August 2018
The state of the law since Cassel and a proposal for change.

Northern California Record

Woman Alleges Pregnancy was Factor in her Termination by Sanofi US Services
Northern California Record – May 2018
An Orange County woman alleges she was harassed and discriminated against by her former employer because of her pregnancy.

The Herald
Makarem & Associates Announces Commerce Casino to Pay for Sexual Harassment of Former Employee
The Herald – August 2013
California Commerce Club, Inc., which operates Commerce Casino, was ordered to pay $226,726.55 to a former employee for sexual harassment and wrongful termination alleged by the former employee.
Bloomberg Businessweek
Lilly Hid Zyprexa’s Diabetes Risks, Student Died, Lawyer Argues
Bloomberg Businesweek – November 2011
Cody Tadai, a 20-year-old college student, took Zyprexa to battle mental illness without either him, or his doctor, being properly advised about the drug’s link to diabetes, Ronald Makarem, a Los Angeles-based lawyer, said in closing arguments in the trial of a lawsuit filed by members of Tadai’s family. They contend the student died of diabetes-related ailments in March 2007 and that the drugmaker put profits ahead of the safety of Zyprexa users.
USA Today
Woman Revises Lawsuit Over Heath Ledger Tape
USA Today – September 2008
LOS ANGELES – A magazine freelancer suing two photographers and a paparazzi agency over a video that purportedly shows Heath Ledger doing drugs has amended her lawsuit to downplay her role as a reporter.
Los Angeles Times
‘Apprentice’ Lawsuits Settled
Los Angeles Times – May 2006
A man who claims NBC Universal, Donald Trump and the creator of NBC’s “The Apprentice” stole his idea has settled his lawsuits in state and federal court, his attorney said.
Daily Journal
Court Weighs Mediation Confidentiality in Legal Malpractice Cases
Daily Journal – November 2010
Some state Supreme Court justices appear troubled that lawyers can use the state’s mediation confidentiality law to escape being sued for malpractice.
ABA Article
Lawyer-Client Talks Relating to Mediation Cannot Be Used to Prove Malpractice Claim
ABA / BNA – January 2011
Private discussions that attorneys have with their client during or relating to mediation of the client’s case may not be used against the lawyers if the client subsequently sues them for malpractice, the California Supreme Court declared Jan. 13…
LA Times
Ledger Plays a Role in Lawsuit
LA Times – January 2009
A reporter sues over a video that shows the late actor with what appears to be cocaine.
Courthouse News Service
Class Sues Online Gamer Square Enix
Courthouse News Service – June 2009
LOS ANGELES – A federal class action claims that online gaming company Square Enix of America deceived 100,000 customers by not being upfront about fees and penalties.
Advocate Magazine July 2006
Protecting Consumer Trust in Attorneys: Handling the Legal Malpractic Claim
Advocate – July 2006
This article will address how a consumer attorney should evaluate whether to take a legal malpractice case, the basic law surrounding litigation of the case, and the importance of consumer attorneys in rebuilding confidence in our profession through proper communication with the client.
California Courts
CA Supreme Court Excludes Attorney-Client Communications Made For Purposes Of Mediation
California Supreme Court – January 2011
The California Supreme Court released its decision in Cassel v. Superior Court. The Court has deemed attorney-client privileged communications “made for the purposes of mediation” inadmissible at a subsequent legal malpractice case. The decision reverses the Second District Court of Appeal decision.
Verdict Search
Clients Claimed Attorney Fees Were Exorbitant
Verdict Search – November 2004
Los Angeles, CA – In October 2003 Judge Olson awarded $2.55 million including attorneys fees, costs incurred and related interest charges and penalties against attorney Barak.
Jury: Long Beach School District Wasn’t Responsible for Ross Killing
Press-Telegram – January 2012
LONG BEACH – Slain girls parents’ civil suit rejected. Wilson High School administrators shared no responsibility in the shooting death of 16-year-old Melody Ross outside the school’s homecoming game in 2009, a jury decided Tuesday.
Daily Journal
Defendants Acted in Bad Faith in Denying Occupation-specific Disability Insurance Policy Benefits
Daily Journal – 2002
Settlement in the amount of $2,150,000. Attorneys for Plantiffs were Ronald Makarem and Marni B. Folinsky of Los Angels.
Mediation Matters
Supreme Court of California Reinforces Mediation Privilege
Mediation Matters – January 2011
The long awaited Cassel decision has now come down this last week. The gist of the decision is that the mediation privilege trumps the right of a client to sue a lawyer for malpractice for events that occurred in mediation or in anticipation of mediation. Here is the complete decision…
Daily Journal
Legal Malpractice and Mediation Confidentiality
Daily Journal – November 2010
The California Supreme Court heard oral arguments to determine whether attorneys can use the concept of mediation confidentiality to prevent talks with clients from later being used against them in a legal malpractice case.
Business Wire
Casitas Care Center Nursing Home in Granada Hills Charged with Negligence, Fraud, Alleged Wrongful Death of a Patient Suffering from Dementia
Business Wire – September 2009
This article, published on Business Wire, describes a suit brought against Casitas Care Center Nursing Home by the family of Mr. Klaus Warme, represented by Makarem & Associates.
Lawyer in the Hot Seat:Taking the Deposition of Attorney-Defendant in a Legal Malpractice Action
Advocate – July 2008
Peter Kunstler, an attorney at our firm, explains how the defendant (an attorney) in a legal malpractice action approaches the deposition as both party and lawyer – and how this can work to your advantage as attorney to the plaintiff.
AOL News
Attorney: Heath Ledger drug tape case over
AOL News – January 2009
The legal battle over a video that purportedly shows Heath Ledger doing drugs two years before his death.
Daily Bruin
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Accused of Discrimination
Daily Bruin – November 2009
Five employees who sued the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, saying the hospital discriminated against them for their race and disability.
Advocate Logo
Breakdowns of attorney-client relationships: Pleading (and avoiding) the breach of fiduciary duty claim
Advocate – April 2007
This article will explore the pleading of a breach of fiduciary duty claim to accompany a cause of action for legal malpractice.
Business Wire
Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. Loses Appeals on Former Employees’ Unemployment Insurance Claims
Business Wire – March 2007
The California Unemployment Appeals Board has ruled against Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (OTCBB:APDN) in its effort to disqualify three former employees from receiving unemployment insurance benefits under section 256 of the California Unemployment Insurance Code.