Google Changes its Sexual Misconduct Policies After Massive Backlash From Employees

Google has been in the news for all the wrong reasons of late and as a result, the company is in full-blown damage control mode to retain its reputation as one of the best companies to work for in Silicon Valley.

In the wake of the sexual misconduct fiasco, the company has promised to be more open, more transparent, and more forceful while handling matters of sexual misconduct and abuse.

We can only wonder: are tech companies now going to be a beacon of morality? Are they going to post a ethical set of rules on their walls? Is Hollywood now doing this?

The Sexual Misconduct Scandal and Its Consequences

Andy Rubin, who is a household name in the tech industry and one of the highest paid executives in Silicon Valley, has been accused of sexual misconduct by several women who worked with him.

A couple of other senior level executives have also been accused of the same, which has made everyone question the work culture prevalent at Google.

To make things worse, Google covered the whole issue up by offering a massive severance package to Rubin and asking him to resign quietly. Despite claiming to be an ethical organization, Google allowed its executives to get away with utterly unprofessional and sexually inappropriate behavior.

Reaction of Google Employees

As it became increasingly clear that Google had failed to curb predatory behavior among its topmost executives, employees became disgruntled and showed their disappointment and anger by walking out of Google offices all over the world.

More than 20,000 people who work at Google offices all over the world in various capacities walked out on Nov. 1 to show their disapproval of the company’s handling of the sexual misconduct fiasco.

The number of employees who participated in the Google walkout protest account for nearly 20% of Google’s total workforce, which goes to show that the issue has resonated deeply with a large number of people from around the world.

Change in Google’s Policies

As a result of the backlash, Google has promised to change its policy regarding workplace sexual misconduct and abuse.

  • The company has stated that it will no longer require mandatory arbitration in cases involving sexual misconduct and abuse. It will be entirely optional from now on and left to the choice of the victims.

  • The company has promised to publish detailed internal reports on sexual misconduct cases within various departments and the punishment given to the perpetrators.

  • The company has now made it mandatory for all its employees to undergo training programs to improve the quality and nature of employee interaction at the workplace. Google employees used to go through these training programs every other year. Now, they have been asked to do it every year.

  • The company has also stated that all the employees – irrespective of their pay grade – need to comply with the new rules and undergo the training program. Failing to do so will affect their annual performance review, in which case their pay might get lowered and they might not be eligible for promotions and other benefits.

Dealing with Sexual Misconduct at Workplace

Dealing with workplace sexual misconduct can be very difficult, especially if you work at a mega corporation like Google. However, you cannot resolve the problem by being silent or giving in to the demands of those who harass or abuse you.

It is important to bring the issue to the attention of your company’s HR or grievances department immediately and also seek legal help to make sure you are not bullied into submission by your employer.

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