How to Sue for Food Poisoning

If you wake up tomorrow morning and you felt a little sick, would you really think that it was all that serious? Probably not, and you wouldn’t be alone. Most people pass it of as something that a little Pepto Bismol can take care of, or they’ll just take a few pain pills and call it a day. But what if the pain persists and you start vomiting, sweating, even getting spontaneous blood in your stool? It’s a shame that it takes all of that to happen before we pay attention to pain in our bodies, but at that point it doesn’t matter. All we want to do then is find out what is making us feel so bad. Could it have been something we ate?

If by chance you think that it was food that you consumed, whether at home or out at a restaurant, you have to act quickly if you want to prove it. The more time that goes by the harder it becomes, and you have to prove that whatever you ate was contaminated and that it was that exact contamination that made you ill if you are going to sue anyone. Obtaining a stool sample will help your case, and usually a government health agency can trace whatever has made you sick back to its original source.

Food poisoning and product recalls happen all the time from coast to coast. Recently, a 1.8 million pound ground beef recall was issued around Michigan and some surrounding states after one man got EColi poisoning. Kevin McDermand ate a rare burger ten days before he started experiencing bloody diarrhea and stomach pain, telling reporters that he felt like his insides were “full of battery acid”. It’s important to remember that this is a life threatening illness; one law firm just won a case for a client for $4.5 million after they got sick with it.

Hepatitis A was found at a Red Robin in Springfield, PA and had the line at the front door of the Springfield/Greenlee Health Dept way into the parking lot. Almost 3,500 people needed to get shots for the disease. Raw clover sprouts in Idaho and Washington also recently had traces of Hepatitis, and California (along with 18 other states) had local reports of Salmonella that was linked to freezer rats in May 2014. Even household animals are recently suffering from food poisoning – the FDA reported in May of this year that over 1000 dogs have died from eating a form of Chinese jerky.

When people are poisoned by food, many times they aren’t the only ones that have eaten it. If you and others who have gotten sick get together for a lawsuit, things could go many times easier during the litigation process, because chances are your case will be easier to prove. The Products Liability Attorneys at Makarem & Associates are always ready to help you if you feel you have become sick from eating food that you had no idea was contaminated. Call or email any of us at 310.312.0299 or .