One Berklee College of Music professor is under investigation after he allegedly put a clarinet between his legs and instructed a female student to blow the mouthpiece in front of a class. The student felt the said professor was trying to imitate a sexual act.

Another professor has been put on leave after one student reported that he bought her an alcoholic beverage at a bar and asked her to “shake his penis”.

These allegations have set off a firestorm on social media after the accusing students took to their Facebook and Instagram accounts to share the incidents.

Multiple Reports of Sexual Harassment

Livingston Taylor, one of the best know faculty members of Berklee, is now also facing complaints after two students accused him of making suggestive comments about their bodies. One of the students shared the incident on Instagram saying the professor remarked her body is her biggest asset.

In the meantime, there has been an appeal for students to share their harassment experiences on an online form, which has resulted in several more reports of inappropriate behavior by faculty members at Berklee.

The Berklee Alum who created the online form, Georgeta Seserman, said that there is something terribly wrong with the music conservatory if so many students have had the same experiences.

The college officials refused to comment on all of the cases individually, but they notified the student who complained about her clarinet professor that he had been fired. The part-time professor Peter Cokkinias was terminated after a 2-month long investigation by college officials.

The president of the college, Roger Brown, has issued a statement saying the school is taking these allegations very seriously. He also encouraged students to share any experiences of discrimination or harassment they may have witnessed.

A Long History of Sexual Harassment by Berklee Professors

In 2017, the Boston Globe newspaper reported that several male professors at Berklee were allowed to leave campus quietly after students claimed being groped, assaulted, or forced to have sex by the teachers.

In the 13 years preceding the Globe’s investigation, at least 11 Berklee professors were terminated for sexual harassment. Roger Brown recently said that ever since the 2017 investigation, the school has been working hard to keep the students safe.

Clearly, that’s not working out very well. These new series of sexual harassment allegations raise questions about the ability of Berklee to reform its operations. Many students have said that the college officials are quite slow and lenient when it comes to punishments for misconduct.

Some students who came forward with the allegations say that they don’t have much faith in the school officials because despite their many complaints, they were never offered any updates and no strict action was ever taken against the teachers.

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