Unity Technologies CEO Sued For Sexual Harassment by Former VP

John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity Technologies (the multi-billion dollar gaming engine), has been accused of sexual harassment by the company’s former VP of global talent acquisition, Anne Evans.

A Wide Range of Misbehavior

The sexual harassment apparently ranged from making sexist jokes and propositioning Evans and other employees for sex to making references about his erect penis and telling her how he wanted to throw her down on a bed and have sexual engagement her.

Troubling the Victim

The company eventually fired Evans. She is now suing for retaliation, wrongful termination, and failure to prevent discrimination.

Ruth Ann Keene, Unity Technologies General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer, informed all the employees of the litigation and the company’s plans to defend itself, in a publicly available note.

The Company’s Stand

A spokesperson from Unity Technologies said that the allegations are untrue and that the company will vigorously defend itself against all the false complaints made by Anne Evans.

Allegations made by Evans

In her lawsuit, Evans mentions that the environment at the workplace was highly sexualized. She has said that Riccitiello and other men in management positions openly spoke about women in a sexual manner, often made sexist jokes, flirted, and even pursued sexual relationships with female employees and contractors.

She added that Riccitiello would often remark about her walk, call it sexy and also said that he couldn’t believe she was lesbian.

The lawsuit also alleges that on one occasion at the private club The Battery, Riccitiello propositioned Evans to go to his hotel room with him. Although she refused, she later found out that he had invited two of her direct reports to join them in the hotel room for a threesome.

Throughout Evans’ tenure at Unity, Riccitiello regularly made comments about all of the women he slept with, their ages, and spoke about the sexual acts that they liked to perform with him.

Unity’s chief people officer, Brown would often laugh approvingly about Riccitiello’s tales of sexual conquest and later talk at the workplace in explicit detail about her sex life with Riccitiello when they started a relationship.

The lawsuit contains various other instances of sexual harassment by Riccitiello. Unity claims that the company was working on the details of her departure when she filed the lawsuit. But Evans also said that Riccitiello had warned her not to discuss with anybody what was happening between the two of them.

Reports of the Culture Survey

Unity released a company-wide survey about culture sometime earlier this year. Evans claimed that Unity’s head of Americas recruiting, Natalie Mulay, wanted to share with her the comments people had made about Evans, but she believed the results were improperly accessed.

She reported those details to Unity’s head of human resources.

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