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Sexual Harassment Attorney in Los Angeles

No one should be subjected to sexual harassment in any setting, especially in Los Angeles, California. Sadly, being harassed or even assaulted while trying to earn a living is a reality for many women in Los Angeles and throughout California. In this new era of #MeToo, more people than ever before are coming forward to tell their stories and seek justice for what they have gone through.

Sexual harassment victims and sexual assault survivors in Los Angeles and Southern California can rely on the proven advocates at Makarem & Associates to assert their rights and empower them to move forward. Our Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers represent employees who have been harassed or assaulted in the workplace.

We Protect Your Rights as Your Sexual Harassment Attorneys | Los Angeles, California

Unlock justice with Makarem & Associates, your trusted sexual harassment attorneys in Los Angeles, California. Our dedicated team safeguards your rights with unparalleled expertise. If you’ve faced workplace misconduct, count on us for adept legal representation. As the leading sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles, we specialize in defending victims against injustice. Makarem & Associates delivers unmatched advocacy, ensuring your voice is heard and your rights are upheld. From navigating complex legal nuances to securing rightful compensation, we’re committed to your empowerment. Choose Makarem & Associates for unparalleled legal support. Trust the best sexual harassment attorney Los Angeles has to offer

Legal Protections For Employees

California law protects you from harassment by both supervisors and co-workers in addition to your protections against quid pro quo sexual harassment and hostile work environment by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. This includes harassment in the form of physical conduct as well as verbal harassment. Examples include:

  • Repeated compliments or comments on your appearance
  • Discussing sexual acts in front of you
  • Asking you about your own sex life
  • Making unwanted sexual jokes around you
  • Sending emails or text messages of a sexual nature
  • Touching you without your consent
  • Distributing your private images without your consent

Each of these situations presents a serious case of harassment that you have a right to not be exposed to. We cover this topic in greater detail on our sexual harassment FAQs page.

Don’t Suffer In A Hostile Work Environment A Moment Longer

If you are being sexually harassed by a supervisor or co-worker, complain to upper management and voice your concerns. If your employer does not protect you from the harassment or retaliates against you for your complaints, then you may have sexual harassment and discrimination claims against your employer. If your harasser is a supervisor, your employer may be strictly liable for the harassment regardless of any complaint by you.

In any case, your deadline to file a civil complaint may be fast approaching, so don’t wait – protect your rights and contact us today for a free and confidential consultation.