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About Us

“Recompense injury with justice and recompense kindness with kindness.” – Confucius

Our Mission

At Makarem & Associates, we are committed to providing effective lawyering for our clients. Our lawyers work closely with clients and implement creative practical strategies to protect our clients’ interests.

We represent a wide variety of clientele including consumers and professionals at all levels of State and Federal Court. Depending on the type of case, we represent clients on either a contingency fee basis or on an hourly fee arrangement.

Our Values

Makarem and Associates dedicates its practice to litigating on behalf of employees and consumers and strives to maintain the public’s respect for the legal profession. The experienced attorneys and aggressive style of litigation have earned the firm a prominent place in the legal community. Since 1995, Ron Makarem, an award-winning attorney, has obtained multi-million dollar settlements and judgments for clients across the State.

Our Practice

We concentrate in the areas of employment discrimination, with an emphasis on sexual harassment lawsuits, pregnancy discrimination and failure to accommodate disability; wrongful termination and retaliation based on protected class, class actions for wage and hour violations by employer, and civil lawsuits for legal malpractice. Our attorneys and staff strive to educate and empower clients to assert their employment rights and hold the offenders and enablers legally responsible.

Our Clients

No one can speak to our mission and our values in action more than our clients. Read first-hand accounts from people in Southern California who we have empowered to assert their rights and hold people accountable for their wrongdoing.

Our team

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