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Fighting For The Rights Of Wrongfully Terminated Workers

Losing a job is never easy. The stress and uncertainty of unemployment can turn life upside down for a worker’s entire family. While many job losses come as the result of layoffs, downsizing and other cost cutting measures, some occur for no good reason at all and may even be illegal.

At Makarem & Associates, we represent California workers who have been wrongfully terminated by their employers. We have extensive employment law experience and possess the resources necessary to level the playing field and achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

What Wrongful Termination Isn’t

First of all, wrongful termination is a legal term with specific meaning; it doesn’t just mean that you were terminated and think letting you go was a wrong decision. There are legitimate reasons for employers to terminate employees. For “at-will” employees, those reasons can include ridiculous reasons like being too tall, right-handed, or a supervisor simply not liking you. It’s not necessarily fair or a smart way to handle human resources, but it isn’t wrongful. The other side of the “at-will” coin is that you are able to terminate the employer-employee relationship at any time and pursue a job elsewhere.

What Wrongful Termination Is

For termination to be wrongful, there must be a specific employment contract that has been violated or the terminated employee must belong to a protected class. Examples of wrongful termination include being terminated as a result of:

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If you are uncertain as to whether your termination qualifies as wrongful termination your best bet is to seek the advice of an experienced employment law attorney. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation.