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Critical Information on How a Malpractice Lawyer can Help You

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2014 | Articles, Legal Malpractice

When you find yourself in the often uncomfortable position of hiring a lawyer, you do so with the confidence that you can trust in his or her abilities to handle your case in an effective, economic, and confidential manner. The same applies with various other professionals, for example when you go to a doctor for medical help, you are placing your lives in their hands, expecting that they are competent enough to do everything within their power to improve your situation and assist you.

Problems occur when a professional does not manage to perform at their utmost capability, and instead falls below the expected level of care projected by the peers within their profession. Luckily, options are open for people who have been the victim of negligence and malpractice, and now you can fight back against the damages that occur to you as a result of someone else’s mistreatment. If you have suffered at the hands of another party, you can hire a malpractice lawyer from professional firms such as Makarem & Associates to help you file a lawsuit and obtain the justice that you deserve.

Fighting Back against Malpractice

It tends to be medical and insurance based malpractice claims that catch the most attention in the media spheres and public eye, but the truth it that various other fields can suffer from just as problematic cases of malpractice. Legal malpractice can prove to be a very costly business for a client who has been inappropriately represented or misguided, and in this case, it is important that the professional in question is held accountable for their actions, especially when their behavior impacts the lives of other people. Legal malpractice can involve issues where lawyers have been:

  •     Negligent through failing to provide information and evidence on time
  •     Negligent in their standard of care
  •     Inappropriate in their approach to the lawyer, client relationship
  •     Negligent in the breach of pre-set contracts

Legal malpractice can occur when a lawyer performs any action that could cause harm to their client. This can be as innocent as a lawyer struggling to file the correct paperwork on time, meaning that the statute of limitation expires and loses your claim, or it could be as malicious as a lawyer deliberately taking advantage, putting his or her own interests ahead of the client.

Malpractice Lawyers

Lawyers that have been trained to defend you and put your case of malpractice through the courts are prepared to help you every step of the way when it comes to proving that your legal case could have gone a different way if only you had been granted different representation. When you file a malpractice claim, you must be willing to prove certain things, such as that the legal individual in question had a duty under the law to do his or her best at protecting you, or that you sustained some form of harm at the hands of your lawyer, such as a poor result in your case which might have been otherwise avoided.

Your malpractice lawyer will help you to gather all of the evidence and information you need should they find that you are eligible to file a suit of malpractice, and ensure that your case is properly fought by capable professionals, winning you the compensation and rights that you deserve. If you are in the regrettable position of needing a legal malpractice lawyer, or simply want to learn more about what legal malpractice entails, get in touch with Makarem & Associates at 310.312.0299 or email us at [email protected]. Ron Makarem is a certified Legal Malpractice Specialist by the California State Bar.