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The 2014 General Motors Ignition Switch Recall: Is Compensation Enough?

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2014 | Articles

General Motors’ attorney Kenneth Feinberg says GM is prepared to pay substantial sums of money to those injured as a result of accidents caused by ignition switch faults in their cars. GM has already admitted to 13 deaths caused by the faulty switch, and experts expect that number to rise to the hundreds of millions.

The Ignition Switch Problem

The cause of the GM recall is a faulty ignition switch, which causes the car’s gear to slip unintentionally from drive to another gear. This can turn off a car’s engine, alter the steering or even cut off the brakes making the vehicle impossible to control. Additionally, if the faulty switch has shut off the vehicle power, the car’s air bags cannot function leaving those in the vehicle with no safety net.

Lawsuits and Investigations

Those who accept money from the GM fund, automatically relinquish their right to sue. If you, or a family member was injured and you want to bring GM to justice, suing is the best option. It is important to remember that GM initially covered-up the defective ignition switch problem and ignored internal knowledge of the problem that could have prevented deaths.

A Failed Company

Legal experts say GM has practically no legal defense in this matter because it has admitted the switches were faulty, and, further, that its employees were grossly negligent in failing to inform consumers and recall cars in timely manner.

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