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The GM Ignition Switch: Understanding the Recall and Ensuring Your Safety

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2014 | Articles

After openly declaring that they will spend as much money as required to properly compensate the victims of accidents that took place due to faulty ignition switches, General Motors has finally come clean about the faults with their vehicles and are starting to help the families of those that have suffered. This year alone, the company has recalled over twenty million cars, including various small cars and 2.6 cobalt Chevrolets that have problems relating to the ignition switch. If you own a GM vehicle that is part of the recall list, call us at 310.312.0299 for immediate case assistance.

An Immoral Company

Towards the middle of June, various cars were recalled because of issues with the ignition that could lead to serious problems during driving such as a loss in ability to brake and steer. At this point in time, General Motors has publically declared their responsibility in association with thirteen deaths that have arisen from faulty ignition switches in vehicles which caused the machine to lose power or become impossible to control.

However, the issue that GM was aware of this issue since 2001, but did not begin to recall products until the February of 2014.

How to Make Sure Your Vehicle isn’t Faulty

The General Motors website is now offering consumers the capacity to ensure that their vehicle is not one of the motors that should have been recalled. If your vehicle has been affected by the ignition switch fault, then you should immediately visit the recall center and enter the identification number of your vehicle for further help.

If you do discover that you are operating a faulty vehicle, make sure that you have removed any and all items from the key ring for your car other than the key itself. It is also recommended that you place your vehicle in park before you exit a vehicle and as always, make sure that your seatbelt is securely fastened whenever you are in the car. However, it is typically a prudent idea to avoid driving an affected car until the recall repairs have been carried out on it.

Ensuring a Better Standard of Safety

The recent issue with General Motors and the faulty ignition switch has lead various car owners to further consider the safety of their vehicles. The unfortunate truth is that, whichever vehicle you might own, the possibility is always there for something to go wrong, and it is important that drivers are aware of the capacity a vehicle has for slipping accidentally into the incorrect gear. The trouble with the ignition fault is that if a car slips from the ‘run’ position, it can cause the brakes and power steering to stop working, effectively removing the driver’s control. Another issue here is that the airbags can also cease to function in this situation.

Although it could be that the ignition switch problem is exclusively related to General Motors, it has certainly provoked a need to further assess the safety standards of vehicles throughout all motor companies. The production of cars should not be taken lightly, and it is vital for companies to ensure that they do not allow their standards to fall.

A Dedicated Law Firm

Individuals who need assistance in claiming the compensation they are rightfully owed as a result of injuries or death caused by GM faulty ignition switches should get in touch with Makarem & Associates for help and support. Whether you simply want to claim the money that you deserve or want to ensure that General Motors is held responsible for their negligent behavior, Makarem & Associates will help you to build and fight your case. Please get in touch at [email protected] or call us at 310.312.0299 for more information.