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What Does Emotional Nursing Home Abuse Look Like?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2017 | Articles

For some people, looking out for the signs of nursing home abuse is all about checking your loved one frequently for signs of bruises, grazes, or physical damage. However, the truth is that abuse can be a lot more than just a physical thing.

Although you should always be wary of any injuries that your elderly relatives might sustain, it’s also important to watch out for the signs of emotional abuse, too.

When we access the help of a nursing home to look after our vulnerable family members, we assume that those locations will treat our relatives with respect and dignity. However, some people discover that their right to adequate care is violated by angry and aggressive employees that either neglect, or deliberately cause psychological harm to residents.

Although emotional abuse is harder to notice than physical abuse, it’s something that should be regarded with caution.

Identifying the Different Levels of Emotional Abuse

All types of psychological abuse are dangerous, but it’s worth being aware of which ones you should look out for if you want to make sure that you can protect the vulnerable adult in your family. Remember that nursing home abuse can come from caregivers, volunteers, or any other person working within a facility, and it will include some manner of emotional distress caused by another person.

Emotional abuse can be non-verbal or verbal. For instance, it might include ridicule or humiliation, demeaning behavior or acts of intimidation towards the victim, or even deliberately isolating the individual from other social groups. Some care-facility employees might even engage in emotional abuse that appears in the form of neglect, when they ignore the needs of the elder, or fail to care for them appropriately.

The Warning Signs to Watch For

With emotional abuse, there are no bruises or cuts to watch for, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the signs to make sure that you’re aware of anything that might be going wrong within a nursing home. If you suspect any kind of emotional abuse is taking place towards your family member, it’s crucial to seek the help of a legal professional.

You should report your suspicions to the appropriate officials, and make sure that the matter is investigated as quickly as possible to prevent any further discomfort for your loved one. Remember to watch out for the following warning signs:

  • Inability to join in with social functions.
  • Isolation, or inability to make decisions.
  • Sudden changes in mood or behavior.
  • Changes to eating and sleeping habits.
  • An appearance of being regularly scared or disturbed.
  • Avoidance of eye contact.
  • Inability to speak openly about certain topics.
  • Limited self-confidence.

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Emotional abuse in a nursing home can present itself in a number of different ways. Sometimes, you’ll need to rely on your gut feelings to tell you when something might be wrong. If you feel uncertain, make sure that you ask for an investigation into the care that’s being given to your loved one.

This should help to determine whether any kind of abuse is taking place. If you find that emotional abuse is an issue, then you should speak to us at Makarem and Associates immediately via phone at 310.312.0299, or email at [email protected].

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