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Kris Jenner’s Former Bodyguard Sues Her For Sexual Harassment

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2020 | Sexual Harassment

Marc McWilliams, Kris Jenner’s former bodyguard, is suing her over sexual harassment complaints. In the lawsuit, McWilliams has also named the security company responsible for employing him and Jenner’s daughter, Kourtney Kardashian, for allegedly violating California labor codes and creating a hostile work environment.

Jenner Allegedly Made Inappropriate Verbal Remarks and Physical Advances

USA TODAY obtained McWilliams’s lawsuit, which says that he started working for Kris Jenner in 2017. He was suspended after a year in 2018 when Kourtney Kardashian hired him. He was on the job until February 2019.

The lawsuit claims that McWilliams was repeatedly subjected to harassment and misconduct, including sexual advances by Jenner between 2017 and 2018.

Jenner would allegedly direct overtly sexual comments at McWilliams about his sexual activities and physical appearance. Few of the comments even suggested that he should engage in a sexual and romantic relationship.

The lawsuit says that commencing May 2017, McWilliams was at the receiving end of what became a pattern of non-consensual physical contact by Jenner. The conduct was of a sexual nature and inappropriate.

In the lawsuit, McWilliams states that he reported the behavior to his supervisors at the security company who failed and refused to take any action to stop Jenner’s conduct and actions.

Jenner Calls Allegations Absurd and False

McWilliams’ lawyer has said that all statements made in their lawsuit are true. Their position is that the defendants are trying to discredit his client by putting out misinformation. They have accused the defendants of launching a smear campaign against a mistreated employee through their PR machine.

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