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Riot Games agrees to pay $100 million in settlement of class-action sexual harassment lawsuit

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2022 | Firm News

Riot Games has settled a lawsuit from former female employees regarding workplace sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination at the game maker’s working environment. The company will pay $80 million to members of the class-action suit and approximately $20 million toward plaintiffs’ legal fees.[1]

What was being alleged?

The suit came following inquiries from California state agencies and an expose done by gaming site Kotaku, bringing to light the sexual harassment and gender discrimination they faced at the company. The expose showed that women experienced unwanted sexual advances from their peers, that women were passed up for promotions that they were qualified for because the women were not deemed to be interested enough in “League of Legions”, a flagship game of the company’s, or gaming in general, and that women were often times paid less than their male counterparts for doing the same work.[2]

Who qualifies?

All current and former workers of Riot Games are entitled to a part of the settlement. In 2019, Riot attempted to settle the case for $10 million, but the Department of Fair Employment and Housing blocked the agreement, and argued that the victims of this workplace environment could be eligible to up to $400 million because of the severity of the damages.

Riot Games’s Future

California’s DFEH protects women in the workplace from any harassment they could face on the basis of their sex. Gender discrimination and sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to, being passed over for a promotion, unwanted sexual advances, discriminated against for your outside work interests, and being paid less than male counterparts. Riot Games was found guilty of violating all of these protections for women, and now need to pay out all former and current employees who identify themselves as women.

For three years Riot Games will be overseen by a third party to oversee human resources complaints and to ensure the standards outlined by the DFEH are being implemented by the company.

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