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What is a Hostile Work Environment?

Work environments are typically considered hostile when the bullying towards a victim makes it difficult for the victim to work.  The type of bullying is typically humiliating and interferes with the victim’s productivity.  For example, a victim may wait to use a printer due to hostile coworkers being next to the printer.  


Who can Experience Hostility in the Workplace?

Many times, the hostility that employees face in a workplace are related to their race or gender.  Many of these hostilities are discriminatory in nature and result in the victim not feeling welcome at the workplace.  Oftentimes victims of hostile work environments won’t feel comfortable enough to speak to a supervisor about the hostility.  This leads to the victim feeling stressed and anxious whenever they enter the workplace.


What can I do if I’m Experiencing a Hostile Work Environment?

If you’re experiencing a hostile work environment and your employer doesn’t address it, then you may have a claim against your employer.  Oftentimes working a job is already demanding, so no one should have to deal with a hostile work environment on top of that.  Call our law firm for a free consultation today at 800-610-9646, or email our firm at [email protected]