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Makarem & Associates featured in for legal malpractice case against The Bloom Firm

A Makarem & Associates case led by attorney Ron Makarem was recently featured in for representing Koi Design LLC in a legal malpractice case against The Bloom Firm.

Koi Design is a company popularly known for its fashion scrubs within the medical apparel market. The Bloom Firm is run by Lisa Bloom, the daughter of civil rights attorney Gloria Allred.

The case grew out of a trademark case in 2017 in which the company Strategic Partners Inc. sued Koi Design claiming they infringed on a Strategic Partners’ trademark for a line of health care worker scrubs.

The attorney, Mastroianni, representing Koi in this case first as an attorney of The Bloom Firm and then at Marron Lawyers APC, was sanctioned along with his client at the time, Koi Design in the amount of $250,000, but when the two parties did not pay the sanctions, Strategic Partners Inc. asked for a default judgment and the court granted the request in October 2018 for $5.3 million.

Visit the article here to learn more about the details of the case.

Makarem & Associates win legal malpractice case against bloom firm