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Makarem & Associates filed suit against Walmart in disability discrimination..


Makarem & Associates’ attorneys Ron Makarem and Deborah Gutierrez filed suit against Walmart for disability discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination on behalf of a long-time dedicated Walmart employee. According to the complaint filed, the Plaintiff was an assistant store manager for 12 years at the Walmart, Oxnard location.

The complaint alleged that in December 2018, the employee was hospitalized for a serious health condition and requested a medical leave of absence. Walmart’s third-party administrator acknowledged the Plaintiff’s request and informed her that she qualified for leave, the complaint alleged. 

The complaint further alleged that starting on January, 3, 2019, Walmart sent the Plaintiff a letter informing her that her disability leave request had been denied and warned her to return to work or face termination. Despite receiving  a medical certification form from the Plaintiff’s doctor on or about January 14, 2019, the complaint also alleged that Walmart sent the Plaintiff another letter warning her to return to work before eventually terminating her on February 6, 2019.

The complaint asserted that although Walmart’s employees knew Plaintiff was hospitalized, and needed temporary disability leave to recover, they ignored Plaintiff’s medical documentation and unlawfully fired her during the most vulnerable time of her life, ending her 12-year career with Walmart. Makarem & Associates have aggressively pursued claims against Walmart in Federal Court in an effort to bring justice to its client for the alleged unlawful employer actions of Walmart.

Makarem & Associates’ is a prestigious California law firm offering free consultations to employees of Walmart or other Retail Employees who may have experienced similar retaliation or wrongful termination in California.