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My Boss Asked Me Out…Is It Harassment?


Harassment At the Workplace

Harassment at the workplace can take on many forms that can make the working environment feel like a hostile one. Some are easy to spot; name calling, commenting on appearances, made to do harsh tasks and humiliation. Others are more subtle like someone making uncomfortable jokes or microaggressions made toward someone’s personal characteristics. One area that may also be murky is dating in the workplace, especially when it comes to dating your superior.

The inherent power dynamic between a boss and a subordinate makes this a tricky situation. This can cause the workplace to become a place that is uncomfortable and must be taken seriously if the request is done in a way that changes your dynamic at work.

My Boss Asked Me Out…What Now?

After your boss asks you out, take the time to seriously consider what just happened. This is not inherently harassment but consider the way it was done. Did your boss ask you out in front of a group of coworkers to humiliate you and make them jealous? Did this person say anything derogatory to you regarding your age, gender, race, or sexual orientation? Has your boss been relentlessly pursuing you, to where now you feel like you cannot be in contact with each other? If so, these could all create a hostile work environment and could be pursued to seek justice.

If it is nothing hostile to you or your position at work, still take the time to consider this request in the grand scheme of your life. Many private companies have regulations regarding bosses dating a subordinate; would you have to sacrifice your career? Consider as well if this is a situation that you truly think would be right for you. The relationship could be nice, but also consider the trials and tribulations of jealous coworkers, and your boss having to tow the line to ensure that you are not given any preferential treatment over anyone else.

Ensure that you have been treated with dignity and respect in the process, and then evaluate what works best for your life. You should not have to feel any pressure or force when it comes to this decision, and if you do, seek the assistance of an experienced attorney to get the help you deserve.

Need The Help Of An Experienced Employment Law Attorney?

Sexual harassment is a serious issue in the workplace and if you are considering filing with the FEHA and EEOC, our attorneys are here to help you in every step of the way. If you believe you are facing a hostile work environment caused by sexual harassment by a boss who may have an unwanted relationship with you, please contact our dedicated and experienced discrimination attorneys at Makarem & Associates at 310.312.0299 or email us at [email protected] for a free consultation.

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