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California Laws, Title 22 Licensing, and Elder Abuse

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Today is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, a day to recognize the elders who raised us. When someone chooses to utilize the services of a California nursing home for their loved ones, they do so with the understanding that the professionals within that facility will follow a certain code.

Trusting a family member to a care facility means knowing that the location in question has been certified, inspected, and licensed by the state, as well as agencies on a federal level. In California, there are a number of very specific rules regarding nursing home care, and the stringent guidelines that have been put in place are there in an effort to prevent neglect and abuse.

The Laws of California Nursing Homes

All facilities for nursing home care and regulations are handled by the Department of Public Health in California, as well as the Licensing and Certification division. While the laws surrounding nursing homes in California have been put in place to protect residents and service-users, instances of neglect and abuse can still occur. Because of this, it’s worth making sure that you’re aware of the guidelines in place, so that you can file a complaint when necessary.

Laws for California nursing homes cover four primary requirements that are considered to be an essential factor in caring for residents living within that facility. The four things include:

  • Making sure the patient has the right of choice, but also access to therapies and care that might improve their standard of life.
  • Making sure that the patient either maintains, or improves their health during the process of treatment and medication.
  • Making sure that the patient’s condition doesn’t deteriorate unless that result is unavoidable because of a chronic or progressive illness.
  • Making sure that the patient receives the care they need to protect their physical, mental, and medical wellbeing.

Title 22 Licensing Requirements

In order for a nursing home in California to be regarded as acceptable, they will also need to meet requirements for title 22 licensing. Title 22 is a law in California that outlines the laws that nursing homes are expected to follow in their state. Anytime an issue arises regarding neglect or abuse, the attorney hired on the behalf of the injured party must draw attention to title 22, which addresses how nursing homes should handle patient life. The law covers concepts such as:

  • Arrangements for proper medical and dental care for all of the residents within any nursing home.
  • The measures taken to ensure that the living accommodations provided are safe and secure.
  • The planned activities that might be provided in an effort to keep residents active and avoid isolation.
  • The supervision and observation of residents as provided by the staff in the nursing home.
  • The level of personal care that residents have access to when within the nursing facility.
  • The food service that is provided to residents.

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If any nursing home fails to address the issues of Title 22 properly, then they could be at risk of a lawsuit, and may even lose their certification. To learn more about nursing home abuse and neglect, and what you can do to protect your loved ones, please speak to the lawyers at Makarem & Associates. We can be contacted via email at [email protected], or via phone call at 310.312.0299.