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Amazon Prime Employee Suit For Wage Violations

Amazon Prime Sued for Labor Wage Violations in New Class Action Law Suit

The plaintiff in this new lawsuit against Amazon Prime was defined as an “employee” with the company, and worked in Los Angeles county[1]. Hired in April 2020 as a non-exempt employee, the plaintiff was entitled to be paid her regular rate as well as an overtime rate in accordance with her regular rate of pay. However, it is alleged that Amazon did not pay an overtime rate that was appropriate for the rate of pay for their regular time hours.

How Amazon Prime Allegedly Violated Wage Laws

Though the plaintiff was paid for overtime work, it was not enough in accordance to her regular overtime rate, for her wages were not calculated correctly. As well as this miscalculation, Amazon Prime allegedly did not pay for any commissions, bonuses, and other forms of compensation that the employee was entitled to.

In addition to not being paid appropriate wages for the overtime wages worked, Amazon Prime also allegedly failed to provide appropriate breaks for employees. It is alleged in the lawsuit that workers were frequently denied the thirty-minute lunch break that they were entitled to as workers due to the nature of the job. This is evidenced by meal period premiums that they were paid as opposed to the opportunity to take this unpaid lunch break.

Another violation stated in the complaint was Amazon’s lack of clarity in their wage statements, leading to confusion about if the accurate wages were paid and obscuring any potential wrongdoing on the part of the defendant. The plaintiff alleges that she was not able to “promptly or easily determine” wages earned, overtime pay, or other forms of compensation. The complaint outlines that this violates California law for not clearly showing this information on the wage statement.

All of the causes of actions amount to violations of FLSA, California Labor Code, and California Business and Professional Code[2]. The plaintiff filed this class action suit with her peers and have sought certification of class and subclasses to ask counsel to represent the class, award for damages, injunction, pre and post judgement relief.

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