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The executive suing Amazon Web Services: ‘I wouldn’t want my worst enemy working there’

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2021 | Discrimination

Women working at Amazon are standing up to the behemoth tech giant, holding the company accountable for working conditions they do not believe set them up for success. The suit being brought forward describes that when they first get their position at Amazon, female workers are promised what seems to be dream conditions.

The woman bringing the suit, Cindy Warner, says that she was aggressively recruited and “[offered] a quick path to higher-level roles and better pay.”[1] However, when she began her position at the company, she claims that this was not the truth.

What Was Different Working At The Company?

Warner claims that after a few months of working at the company, her position turned into something of a nightmare. She claims that the male workers at Amazon “treated her with ‘open contempt, insults, and hostility’ and upheld a ‘white boys’ club’”, and claims to have been fired shortly after.[2] For allegedly trying to increase inclusion and mentor women at the company, Warner alleges that she was targeted for this behavior.

Amazon’s Response

Amazon has called these allegations into question. Representatives from the company claim that these allegations are not accurate  and that Warner was encouraged to find another position within the company if she was unhappy with her current one before she was ultimately terminated. The company says that “[Amazon continues] to make progress in building a more diverse workforce, with a focus on increasing the representation of women in technical roles.”[3]

Not the Only One

This lawsuit is not the first to be filed in Silicon Valley. Warner’s suit against Amazon comes six years after the tech investor Ellen Pao brought a gender discrimination lawsuit against her former employers at the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins.[4] This is known as the lawsuit that paved the way for whistleblowing in Silicon Valley.

Following this suit, other women have brought suits against tech giants like Twitter and Pinterest for having promotional systems that unfairly favor men. Other women besides Warner are bringing suits against Amazon for harassment against women. Charlotte Newman brought a suit forward for inappropriate touching in the workplace, as well as racial discrimination she faced against her coworkers.

Amazon disputes the allegations, and Warner continues the lawsuit against them, claiming that going through a situation like this changes a person forever.

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