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Makarem & Associates Sues Commerce Casino for Discrimination and Wrongful Termination

Makarem & Associates has sued California Commerce Club, which does business as Commerce Casino, for allegations of age and race discrimination and wrongful termination on behalf of 11 long-time employees.

In 11 separately filed claims, the group of employees, who were 10 cocktail servers and 1 bartender, alleged that they were fired for false reasons. In their cases against Commerce Casino, the long-time employees alleged that the mass firing of the 11 employees in its food and beverage department was an effort to rid itself of employees who were older, minorities, and whom it considered less attractive.

The terminated employees were almost exclusively racial minorities, all but one were women, and many were over 40, the claims allege. Commerce Casino accused the 11 employees of allegedly committing theft, which Commerce Casino stated resulted from voided alcoholic beverages, and on that basis, terminated all 11 employees after a supposed investigation. 

Makarem & Associates’ attorneys Sam Almon and Marina Serrano represent all eleven employees’ claims in the case.