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Verbal Sexual Harassment Explained


What is Verbal Sexual Harassment? 

Sexual harassment can take on many forms, especially in the workplace. Verbal sexual harassment is one that can be overlooked but is not nearly less serious than other forms sexual harassment can take on. Look on for some common examples of sexual harassment in the workplace, and legal steps you can take to ensure justice for any unwanted verbal sexual harassment you may experience in the workplace. 

Examples of Verbal Sexual Harassment

Verbal sexual harassment can take on many forms, and some of them may be hard to put into words. Verbal sexual harassment often times takes the form of a joke, dressed up to be less harsh but still has a rough, demeaning undertone that can make the receiver feel belittled and humiliated. Some jokes or outright mean comments can include slurs which could involve sexuality or body image. Outright insults and name-calling on the basis of sex are more outward shows of verbal sexual harassment. Accusations to stir up drama and insinuating of any lewd acts occurring in the workplace can be verbal sexual harassment as well, as they can be humiliating and make the workplace one of discomfort and and fear. This verbal sexual harassment can constitute a hostile work environment and can be perpetrated by anyone; coworkers, managers, even vendors and visitors who enter the workplace you are in who could expose you to verbal harassment. 

What Can I Do If I’ve Experienced Verbal Sexual Harassment? 

You are not alone if you have experienced verbal sexual harassment in the workplace, and there are ways to get justice. Experiencing pervasive and severe verbal sexual harassment can create a hostile work environment, The EEOC assists with the resolution of issues involving workplace discrimination, including hostile work environments. The EEOC will conduct an investigation into the allegations and issue remedies for the violations. If, however, the EEOC is unable to remedy the issue, they may provide the claimant with a Right to Sue letter and the individual can file a civil lawsuit.

What to do if You or Someone You Know is Experiencing Similar Harassment?

Workplace harassment can lead to PTSD, and other forms of mental trauma, as well as making the workplace a much more toxic environment for everyone in the workplace.  If you believe you are facing a hostile work environment from any kind of pervasive or severe verbal sexual harassment, then please contact our dedicated and experienced discrimination attorneys at Makarem & Associates at 310.312.0299 or email us at [email protected]