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Nursing Home Litigation and Abuse

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2015 | Articles

Generally, assisted living facilities such as nursing homes and care centers are a place intended to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the vulnerable elderly population. However, despite the intention for these locations to be a place of refuge, abuse unfortunately continues to happen. When it does, it is important that the people who are responsible answer for their negligence and abuse in the form of nursing home litigation.

Living their Last Few Years in Comfort

In the United States today, the median population is growing gradually older, and this, combined with a better standard of health care, is meaning that older generations of Americans are living for a longer period of time than ever before. Because of this, it is important that the owners of these facilities, and the staff that work within them, provide residents the competency and quality care that they deserve.

They are expected to provide a secure and safe place for the elderly members of our society to live. This means providing clean and welcoming surroundings where residents feel comfortable and cared for.

The Issue of Nursing Home Abuse

Unfortunately, not all nursing home facilities provide the standard of care that is expected from them. Some corporate-run facilities in which daughters and sons place their beloved parents for care in their later years, take advantage of these vulnerable elderly. Luckily, thanks to better reporting and more people speaking up about abuse, it is possible for us to know more about the world of nursing home abuse, and this means that litigation and lawsuits can be filed against the responsible parties.

Abuse can take on many shapes and sizes. Although a lot of people associate the term ‘abuse’ with physical harm, in the form of hitting, punching, scratching, shoving, and so on, abuse can also refer to much more than this.

Sexual abuse can occur in the form of non-consensual sexual contact between a staff member and an elderly resident. Furthermore, mental and emotional abuse can take place in the form of insults, humiliation, and threats that prevent the elderly individual from living in a place that they are paying for and should be happy living in.

Poor Hiring Practices

One of the issues that can lead to nursing home abuse is when a care facility fails to perform the necessary background checks and hiring practices required to ensure a potential member of staff is safe to bring on board. When a staff member is hired for the first time at a nursing home or care facility, appropriate measures should be taken to ensure that the individual’s background is clean, so that individuals who do not have the right qualifications or the right temperament for looking after the elderly can be immediately weeded out.

An ideal candidate is typically someone with a caring and compassionate nature, who has a background in nursing, and many references that check out.

No Excuses

If you have discovered that your loved one was a victim of abuse while they were living in a nursing home or assisted living facility, call the attorneys at Makarem and Associates immediately: 310.312.0299, or email [email protected].  We will work hard with you to make sure that your loved ones are properly taken care of.