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Issues that Contribute to Skilled Nursing Facility Abuse

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The problem of skilled nursing facility abuse is a significant one, that has begun to place a significant stigma on nursing homes and care facilities intended to help individuals look after the elderly and fragile. Skilled nursing facilities are institutions that have been established with the purpose of offering care to patients that wouldn’t otherwise be able to complete normal daily tasks themselves – without assistance.

Most skilled nursing facilities cater to elderly patients, but there are cases in which younger patients may require the assistance that is provided by a skilled nursing facility. Often times, these cases involve individuals with brain or spinal trauma that have caused the physical or mental impairment of a patient.

Matters that Contribute to Nursing Facility Abuse

High ratios of patients to staff members can often contribute to issues of nursing facility abuse through poor care and neglect. If there are not enough nurses to care for all of the patients that are located within the facility, then neglect becomes almost unpreventable. Screening patients periodically to ensure that proper care is being provided can be a good way to check for neglect issues. However, it’s also important to interview employees to assess work overload.

Management must be completely aware of what is going on within the care facility, and hiring more staff may be required in certain circumstances. Over-tasked management staff can also be a contributing factor in the issue of nursing home neglect, and family members should be sure to keep an eye on the standards of the care that their loved ones are receiving.

What’s more, it’s worth noting that if a nursing facility has a high level of patients affected by Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, and a low level staff, the mix can be incredibly dangerous.

Dementia patients will often try to leave a care facility when they become confused, and many may be in need of more specialist or individualized care than other patients in a nursing facility. If there are not enough nurses available to provide the required care, then dementia patients may be more prone to injuries, and patients that are not receiving the correct care may become angry, upset or may even be in danger.

Preventing Skilled Nursing Facility Abuse

Abuse within a skilled nursing facility can often be prevented through diligent care offered by a loved one. Friends and family must be available to visit the individuals within the care facility as frequently as possible, as people who visit often are more likely to notice chances in behavior and manner that may indicate neglect or abuse.

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