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Sheriff’s Deputy Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit in LA Against Her Trainer

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2019 | Articles

The deputy of a sheriff has filed a lawsuit against LA County for alleged sexual harassment on the job by her trainer and retaliation when she complained about it.

The Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit was filed recently by Concepcion Hernandez Garcia alleging sexual harassment and vengeful behavior when she brought the issue to light.

Media requests for comments were not immediately entertained by any LASD (LA Sheriff’s Department) representative.

Background of Garcia’s complaint

According to the lawsuit, Garcia commenced her training as a deputy at the East Los Angeles station in March 2018. Her complaint states that a deputy who is not a defendant in the case was assigned as her trainer.

The Lawsuit against the Trainer

The lawsuit describes an incident in which Garcia entered a house with her gun drawn, looking for a suspect in July 2018. It is alleged that the trainer walked up behind her and placed one hand on her buttock.

The lawsuit further alleges that the trainer not only groped the plaintiff’s buttocks, but also thrust her forward, into an unsafe position, putting her life in danger.

During subsequent interactions among the two, the trainer brushed against Garcia without reason on multiple occasions and also made insulting remarks on seeing her offended, the lawsuit declares.

The complaint also adds that in some instances, the trainer was joined by other deputies who conducted themselves with her in a manner similar to his.

Inaction by the Department

According to the suit, Garcia filed an internal complaint against her trainer in mid July 2018, but she was immediately sent on administrative leave, making it seem like it was she who had done something wrong. The trainer and other deputies were not sent on leave though.

The complaint states that the LASD did nothing to help Garcia. They did not conduct any investigation, nor did they ever interview her.

Forced to Seek a Transfer

Garcia grew up in the East Los Angeles area and still lived there, so it was preferable for her to work there. But as she did not wish to continue to be a victim of her trainer’s behavior, she was forced to seek a transfer to another station, the suit alleges.

According to the information provided in the lawsuit, she was then reassigned to the Century Station.

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