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Epstein’s Victims to Claim Damages From His Estate

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Articles

Following Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide in a prison cell in New York, a number of female victims who suffered sexual abuse from the disgraced financier, are planning to sue his estate for damages.

Civil Claims against Epstein’s Estate

Reuters has reported that an LA attorney who is representing two women in the case is planning to file civil claims for compensation as soon as possible. The victims had held off the lawsuits while federal prosecutors were pursuing charges of sex trafficking against Epstein.

Another attorney from New York has announced that she is filing a civil lawsuit against Epstein’s estate on behalf of one of the victims.

The unidentified victim was a minor when she suffered sexual abuse from Epstein. According to the indictment against Epstein he had recruited the victim around 2002 to engage in sexual acts. He paid her hundreds of dollars for every encounter.

Victims can still file a Claim

On July 6th, Jeffrey Epstein was finally arrested on charges of sex trafficking involving a large number of underage female victims as young as 14. Most of these crimes occurred between 2002 and 2005.

Over 10 years ago in Florida, Epstein had pleaded guilty to state charges of soliciting sexual favors from a minor. His deal with the prosecutors received widespread criticism for being too lenient.

Now the victims have a chance to file lawsuits against Epstein’s estate, taking advantage of a new law in New York that is making it possible for victims to pursue claims of sexual abuse that may have occurred decades ago.

The new law called “The Child Victims Act” allows people a time period of one year to file a suit over sexual abuse allegations, irrespective of when the alleged incidents occurred.

Death of the Perpetrator is not an Impossible Roadblock

The death of Epstein, according to legal experts, is not an insurmountable roadblock where civil cases are concerned. In fact, Epstein’s death will probably unleash a barrage of civil lawsuits against his estate. Experts say that if Epstein had been criminally convicted, it would have been easier to win the civil cases.

However, in a civil lawsuit, the burden of proof is much lower than in criminal cases. In a civil case, the victim is only required to prove liability by way of a preponderance of the available evidence, and not beyond a reasonable doubt.

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