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Female Employees Accuse McDonald’s of Alleged Abuse and Harassment in the Workplace

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2021 | Sexual Harassment

Various female employees around the country are taking a stand against McDonald’s and telling their story of alleged abuse and harassment in the workplace perpetrated by their male co-workers and supervisors. The female employees have either filed discrimination charges or filed suit against McDonald’s corporate restaurants or their independently owned franchises.

Many of the victims’ experiences allegedly started with comments on their bodies, such as “you have nice hair,” which then escalated to actual physical touching [1]. Some of the perpetrators would allegedly grab the employees’ butts and breasts—either with their hands or with food handling equipment. Some of the claimed abuse occurred out in the open for everyone to see, almost as though the perpetrators did not fear any consequences.

What is additionally concerning is that in some of the victims were as young as 15, 16, or 17 years old. In many of these instances, McDonald’s was their first job experience. What should have been a proud milestone was soured by the alleged abuse and harassment in the workplace.

Why Is This Happening?

In a survey of around 800 female workers in McDonald’s, 75% said that they were harassed at work and a majority said that they suffered consequences for reporting the abuse and harassment, such as cutting hours. However, in late 2019, McDonald’s had released an extensive new policy for dealing with sexual harassment in its corporate stores. So why are there still instances of alleged sexual harassment in McDonald’s stores?

The answer is that 95% of McDonald’s stores are independently owned, and the policy is claimed to be treated as a “resource” rather than a requirement. One female employee recounted her employee orientation process. There was a woman who had a stack full of papers. Rather than go through the documents, she just had the employee sign and date the papers as quickly as possible. The employee does not even remember if she signed anything regarding a sexual harassment policy.

Since the sexual harassment policy was allegedly not taken seriously in these stores, many of the perpetrators felt that they could abuse and harass these employees without any consequences.

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[1] Female McDonald’s employees accuse fast-food chain of abuse, harassment in workplace