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Dodgers’ Trevor Bauer Under Fire for Sexual Assault Allegations

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2021 | Sexual Harassment

Dodgers’ pitcher Trevor Bauer is no longer scheduled for games these days. Instead, he has a formal hearing on July 23, where he allegedly intends to deny sexual assault allegations brought against him. The female victim accused Bauer of two alleged violent sexual encounters which she explains led her to lose consciousness on both occasions. The woman obtained a temporary restraining order — an ex parte order, based on her side of the story, on June 29.

The Allegations

According to the woman, she met the MLB athlete after messaging back and forth on Instagram. As the request for the order states, they met up at Bauer’s residence in Pasadena on April 18 and initially had consensual intercourse, which allegedly later became violent and included nonconsensual anal sex. During a second encounter on May 15, the two allegedly had sex which again escalated, with Bauer punching the woman after choking her unconscious.

After the alleged second encounter, the woman states that she suffered from constant headaches and nausea. She visited a doctor. A hospital examination report accompanying the request for the temporary restraining order reveals that the woman was diagnosed with “assault by manual strangulation.” Just this week, graphic pictures of the victim circulated, depicting her with facial bruising, black eyes, swollen lips, and scratches.

MLB’s Response

Major League Baseball has allegedly started its own investigation into the allegations, independent of the investigation conducted by the Pasadena police. In the meantime, the MLB has placed Bauer on an administrative leave. Following recently emerged texts between the accuser and the pitcher, Bauer’s leave has been extended until July 15 for further investigation. The leave is not considered disciplinary action. Bauer will continue to be paid during his time off.

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