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California’s Bill AB 701 Could Result in Big Changes for Warehouse Employees

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2021 | Firm News

What is AB 701?

AB 701 is a bill that was recently advanced in the California senate. AB 701 allows workers to challenge the performance goals that are set by their employer. Many of these performance goals are believed to discourage basic worker needs, such as bathroom breaks and other rest breaks, that are expected from every workplace.

By prohibiting employers from setting performance goals that prevent workers from taking bathroom breaks or rest breaks, the promoters of AB 701 see it as a way of giving these workers a voice.

Who Does AB 701 Affect the Most?

It’s no secret that the massive online retailer Amazon is one of the most notorious promoters of performance goals in the workplace. Some news outlets have even reported that Amazon warehouse employees have allegedly urinated in bottles in order to save a few minutes from walking to the bathroom, so they could reach their performance goals.

Despite Amazon not being explicitly named in the bill, California lawmakers have acknowledged that the bill will have a direct impact on how the company manages its warehouse operations.

What is the Current Status of AB 701?

Currently AB 701 is in the hands of the California State Assembly. The Assembly will polish the bill by making some small changes, and it will be sent to Governor Gavin Newsom. Although Newsom’s office has not stated whether or not he intends to sign the bill, given Newsom’s party’s support of the bill, it is likely that Newsom will sign.

What if I’m Experiencing Similar Treatment at My Workplace?

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