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New California Employment Laws Signed into Effect by Governor Newsom

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2021 | Firm News

California has seen the passing of a large quantity of legislation pertaining to many types of law this year, and employment law is no exception. Recently Governor Gavin Newsom has signed many bills into law that will directly affect California employers and employees. The most impactful of these new laws are detailed below.

What is SB 62?

SB 62 will impose restrictions pertaining to how then employees of garment manufacturing companies are paid. SB 62 prohibits employers of this industry from paying employees by piece rate. This new law falls in line with the anti-quota trend that has been seen by the California legislature since the start of this year.

Restrictions for Garment Manufacturers

The law also expands towards companies that contract garment manufacturers. The companies (such as clothing brands) that contract garment manufacturers, will now also be liable for violations of SB 62.

These companies will be jointly and severally liable for $200 per each pay period in which the employee is paid by the piece rate. The companies will also be jointly and severally liable for attorney fees as well which helps many of these workers (which are typically below the poverty line) gain access to reputable attorneys.

It can be inferred by costly economic ramifications in the law, that the California legislature is pushing for fairer wages for garment manufacturer employees.  Whether these ramifications are costly enough will have to be re-examined once this law starts to be cited in future cases.

AB 701: Regulations Regarding Productivity Quotas for Warehouse Workers

Among many other aspects, AB 701 prohibits employers from setting quotas that essentially make it difficult if not impossible for workers to take meal and bathroom breaks, as a result of quotas that are imposed by the employer. You can read more about this bill on one of our previous blog posts here: https:// /blog/2021/09/ californias- bill-ab- 701-could- result-in-big- changes-for- warehouse- employees/

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